My Views regarding Politics, as well as "Politics"
Last updated: 04/09/2021
My politics aren't terribly complex, nor are they extremist in any way, shape, or form (Quite the opposite, actually), although there are a few areas in which I would consider myself to be quite militant. I suppose you could classify me as a radical centrist, as silly as such a term sounds, as well as a Democratic Socialist and a Libertarian (Within reason, of course), as averse as I am to labels and such. Essentially, both polarized extremes are merely two sides of the same coin - at your expense as a civilian.

Firstly, an imperative bit of information to preface this section with is that over the last decade, beginning at the earliest around 2012 or so, the Earth experienced what I believe to be corporate elite-established paradigm shift most commonly referred to as Global Homogenization. One of the most obtrusive corollaries of this movement, psyop, coup, or whatever it could be classified as would be an exceptionally bizarre yet all too common brand of what I like to dub as pseudo-politics, and if you've visited any social media or corporate owned website from around 2012 onward, what I mean by this should be easily implicit. The goal of these artificially cultivated pseudo-politics, however, may not be as implicit depending on who you are. I believe it to be quite simple.

This undying effort to polarize and divide those of the Western world via the means of ceaselessly amplified non-issues, incessantly instilled monochromatic viewpoints, and perpetual infighting is nothing new, although was intentionally implemented in full swing at a time at which it could easily become a multi-national epidemic at a turning point in technology and its integration with the majority of our global population. But why?

I believe it to have been created for the sole purpose of serving as a distraction for the masses who are more susceptible to this infantile brand of propaganda; a distraction from an underlying war. Not a war between nations, or even individuals, but rather, between classes. Classes defined by a caste system-like structure implemented during the Nixon Administration, and facilitated during the Reagan administration. The United States of America, initially founded as a democratic socialist republic with a prosperous post-war economy fortified by FDR's policies and social programs (Which were adored to the point of FDR receiving a third presidential term), was no more. Trickle-down economics ensure that your position in this caste system remains static for the entire duration of your limited time spent within this transient phantasm of an Earthly existence, leaving all opportunity for success virtually unattainable for those not born into generations of primordial wealth, and in many cases, ensure that said limited duration of time on this Earth is drastically curtailed.

Call me insane, but I firmly believe that the trillions of dollars lining the recursive pockets of corporate elites could be utilized in a way that's beneficial for humanity instead of to never been seen again or to fund yet another golf course. After all, empathy is something I take to heart, especially after overcoming existential nihilism.

Perhaps anti-homeless architecture could evolve from mere park benches, the poor veteran of war with an illness that could be fatal if left untreated could be allowed to live, knowledge would cease to be eternally gatekept, and perhaps the United States could alleviate its ever-growing debt. The source from which such funding could possibly be derived from is likely the first thing you may question, but forget not that taxes are merely a foreign concept to the wealthy. Something those up top have never experienced, nor will ever experience, yet serve as a woeful crime of theft against the other 99%.

A crucial thing to understand with my view is that this is not a war between black or white, not a war between gay or straight, not a war between male or female, and not a war between those of faith and those without - but precisely a war between rich and poor. A war between elites, and you, the civilian.

Personally, I couldn't care less about what race, sexuality, gender, religion, etc. you are and I hold absolutely zero prejudice towards anyone or any demographic. I am accepting of all and I really don't care what you are, I care who you are (Although I do find it to be quite tacky to replace your entire personality with superficial attributes such as merely your sexuality, race, and gender), and I am just as against far right ideologies and genuine bigotry as I am the aforemented pseudo-politics that have caused the word "Liberal" to lose its meaning within the last decade, as said pseudo-politics are frankly just as bigoted and extremist as their far right counterpart while under the guise of supposedly existing to mitigate them. I want nothing more than for the world to get along, regardless of demographics and other silly, arbitrary labels.

Ultimately, be nice!

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