Hello! I am Proxima64; 21-year-old independent artist and musician with a passion for computers and technology, electronics, synthesizers, anime and the like, Unix-like operating systems, retro video games, and linear video editing equipment, as well as anything that pertains to metaphysics and philosophy.

I've been interested in computers for as long as I can remember, initially tinkering with various x86 systems and eventually becoming interested in RISC Unix workstations (Such as those from Silicon Graphics, Sun Microsystems, Digital Equipment Corporation), PowerPC Macs, and Japanese computers such as the NEC PC-9800 series, Sharp X68000, and FM TOWNS. I am by no means a software engineer although I have rudimentary knowledge of various languages such as C and a couple flavors of ASM, and programming is something I want to become more proficient with in the future.

I am relatively introverted and far more timid IRL than I am online, but I do enjoy making friends provided everything "clicks".

Music and Art

I began piano lessons at the age of 5 and continued until age 9, at which I subsequently began exploring and fortifying my ability to compose
in addition to developing a strong interest in synthesizers, which is what led me to where I am currently in regards to music. I also make chiptunes from time to time; either NES stuff or FM synthesis (Primarily YM2612).

In regards to art, I suppose I enjoy doodling whatever comes to mind, and it's mostly something I do for fun. As well as drawing, I also enjoy doing 3D renders, motion graphics, and graphic design on occasion.
I primarily derive inspiration from a variety of sources including various console games, industrial design, demo reels and logos, and Japanese PC games. I am by no means the greatest artist in the world or anywhere near (My main selling point is music), but it is delightful to know that the things I draw are enjoyed. Yes, I draw and animate with a mouse.


Furthermore, I am also an avid user of GNU+Linux and a strong advocate for the Free Software Foundation and Open Source. However, I am far from a stickler, as my software philosophy entails that if a piece of proprietary software written before a certain point (Prior to the epidemic of software bloat and data mining of the 2010's onward) and yields a superior outcome to that of a FOSS alternative, it should be prioratized. This is primarily true in regards to audiovisual software, older incarnations of Windows NT, Mac OS, and various commercial flavors of SysV-derived Unix of the 1990's, and as a musician and artist, I rely heavily on said software and frequently run a large amount of proprietary abandonware under WINE or in VMs, or on my various SGI, Sun, Macintosh, and Windows NT workstations.

Ultimately, use what you want regardless of its license, so long as it isn't Windows 10 or contemporary prescription-based versions of commercial software. Remember: Deliberately increasing the difficulty of your task will not under any circumstances make you cooler - the last thing any GNU+Linux user should aspire to be is a Luke Smith.

Video Games
I enjoy a vast range of video games belonging to various genres and systems, so it's impossible for me to have one single favorite, but I enjoy everything from RPGs, to shmups, to platformers, to early FPS games. I can say with confidence though that Yume Nikki and the Mother series are two things that strongly influenced my worldview, philosophy, and creative works. If it isn't obvious, I'm also largely into Touhou Project.

Main Systems and Specs
The two computers I use most often are my main desktop (4th gen Intel board in a case from around 2000, paired with a ViewSonic G810 CRT) and my ThinkPad W520, which I believe to be the greatest "classic" ThinkPad ever built second to only the T60 (What I actually upgraded from, as software bloat and trillions of layers of data abstraction in the last decade has rendered it a paperweight when acessing a browser). Both are running Arch GNU+Linux.

Pictured below are two neofetch screenshots of my main desktop and my W520:

Last Updated: 04/08/2021

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